"10 Ways to Die"

by Knife Cult

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Introducing "10 Ways to Die" by Knife Cult

Album available at Dead Read Queen Records on IG.


released December 14, 2017

Travis Tompkins - Vocals (Psychiatric Regurgitation)
Stevan Koye - Guitar (Kill the Client)
Dave Spencer - Bass (Devourment)
Surya Pun - Drums (Chepang)

Released through Dead Red Queen Records
Recorded at The Kitchen Studios in Dallas, Texas.
Lyrics to 'rats and mice' by Shane from VBT
Artwork: Nanda Dika Violence Art on IG


all rights reserved



Knife Cult Texas

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Track Name: flying
Aerodynamic hatred, I plan to learn this machine.

Once they give me control, and end to you I’ll see.

Propulsive Anger, Ballistic Revenge, I learn to fly, I learn the End.

Pitch, Yaw, Roll. Pitch, Yaw, Roll. I crash this vessel, I take control.

Fixed Wing Focus, Momentum to Kill, I will fly this vessel, I will destroy your will.

Lift, thrust, Drag, Speed, Altitude, Murder. Rotary of Death, Wings of Burden (I cut them off)

Wings of Death,

Wings of Life,

I fly to kill you.

I fly to Die
Track Name: insect
Looking down on insects?
Trying to find their weakness?
Someday they will live inside your skin.
Attack, the Queen!
Attack, the scene.
You laugh as they move slowly,
Approaching they grow coldly,
They will live inside inside your skin.
Shedding my skin and becoming a new form of light.
A part of my team I have no time to think of my strife.
Using my legs to achieve maximum height.
Adapt and destroy and consume as we crawl to the fight.
Attack, The Queen!
Attack, come clean.
Track Name: tulip
I walked away and never looked back.
I tried to pay your bill and buy snacks.
All my time with you has become
A nightmare I can’t wake up from.
The world sees you as someone special.
The charm you make is something from hell.
Drop the veil and see what you are,
A funny fucking joke waiting for a free car.
Your life is free, your life...handed to you on a platter.
Your life easy...full of lies and chicken chatter.
Track Name: robot
Built by you now I thrive.
Though their sadness lurking in my lines.
Your crimes now become my lies.
robot, psychotic, melodic, I got it.
Leading me asunder,
Your input makes me wonder,
Your programmed all my blunders.
Track Name: ceremony
To whom it may concern,
I haven’t the courage to end
my wicked life.
I’m tired of making excuses
for the crimes I have committed.
I want to burn in hell for the choices
I’ve made but I haven’t the strength.
I want to be free of the regret I have within.
I will put myself in harms way and
I will prepare my last breath.
Remember me not for the evil I imposed.
Remember me not for the pain I have inflicted.
Remember how I stood in front of those bullets.
I will die by cop.
I will eat lead.
I will find peace.
I will find peace.
I will find peace.
Taste the lead.
Track Name: rats and mice
Feline force of reckoning
rats and mice
chased and hunted
tail first devouring
battling the forces of nature
hardwires for conflict
prayer for the prey
ferel cats and strays
unending warfare
lions armor forged in fire
iron wills prevail
with catnip
battlecats assemble
animal armies tremble
feline force of reckoning
feline force of reckoning
Track Name: sprint
Alberto Salazar
Antonio Puerta
Chad Schieber
Ryan Shay
Cardiac response brings death
The shock to your system provides the end of life.
Your heart fails, your body crashes. The stress is unending.
Over population is cured by physical vanity.
You can try to stay safe but your blood vessels argue.
Coronary Artery Disease, JIM FIXX.
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Abnormalities in your aorta.
Weakened cardio tissue.
Mitral valve Prolapse.
Alberto Salazar
Antonio Puerta
Chad Schieber
Ryan Shay
Track Name: darkness
Lack of Illumination
Plagues my Soul
Unable to Distinguish
What is New and Old
Perception, Emotion
Swallowed in Black.
Below the Horizon
Is where I lay my hat.
To those who walk in the light,
I laugh at thee.
Using the dying sun to guide you,
Amuses me.
The whole world is a shadow
As we try to flee from night.
Even the daylight hours,
Show only pain and fright.
Perception, Emotion
Swallowed in Black.
Below the Horizon
Is where I lay my hat.
Track Name: magma
Volatile rock, underneath the earth, suspended crystals live!
Intruding into land, turning into sand, explosive ejection.
3000 Fahrenheit, rarish carbonite, magma brings your doom.
Silicate design, rift zones help them climb, just wait until it cools.
My feet
Evolution complete
Track Name: born to riff (die to grind)
Born to Riff, Die to Grind
Another day of wasted time.
Born to Riff, Die to Grind,
There is no way to make a dime.
The fire, inside, I have is dead
Life giveth and taketh away.
The will to grind has taken me,
Back to a place of more pain.
Born to Riff, Die to Grind
No future just wasted time.
Born to Riff, Die to Grind
Till the end no hope I'll find.